I have been running since March 2011. It all started under the direction of the app of Renate Wennemars. First 5 km and after a while also the 10 km. I took it all easy and especially the time between 5 and 10 km went steadily.

Getting used to tax
In the end such a quiet build-up has been very good and my muscles have had time to get used to this physical strain. Then I extended the calm on to the 16 km. The advantage of building up slowly is that I have created a strong body. I’ve never had an injury either, this is not only because I’m built up, but also because I listen to my body carefully and never go beyond my limits. Maybe this is boring, but I walk for fun, because it is good for my health and for my relaxation.

Feeling of a school trip
Still, it’s weird. As I write this, I notice that when I register for a competition, a childlike feeling arises in me. A kind of tension as I felt when I went on a school trip when I was a child. I also have this for the half marathon of Amsterdam. In addition to fun, there is also a competition element which makes it extra fun and exciting for this one time.

Difficult dilemma
The annoying thing is that I’ve been flu-like and therefore I don’t feel completely fit. I feel a slight uncertainty whether my body has recovered enough. On the other hand there is the feeling that I want to run the half marathon so badly. I have been walking around with this difficult dilemma for a couple of days now, so I haven’t made a choice yet. I make such a decision only on the day itself. In the meantime I wonder how it is possible that my running feeling is so strong and that it has been occupying me for days.

Passion or imposed norm?
Is this because I like to experience the feeling of freedom so much? To start as a real pro and end up in the Olympic Stadium? Or is it just my mentality that if I have signed up for something, I have to finish it? Is this where my passion drives me, or is it my self-imposed standards? I haven’t figured it out yet.

I would like to hear whether you have ever experienced these dilemmas and how you deal with them.

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